Sustainable peace on all fronts!

We are a decagonal cutting-edge Peace and Development outfit strategically positioned to tackle the challenges of conflict and underdevelopment in Africa and the world at large. As a 'Glocal' outfit, we work with international, Subregional and Local Communities, Government Agencies, Private Firms and Families to manage conflicts and propel development in those spheres.

Our Vision

Attainment of global peace and development on all fronts.

Our Mission

To harmonise and coordinate conflict prevention, management, resolution and build sustainable peace through networking, knowledge exchange and coordination.


Conflict Profiling

Conflicts recur because lessons are not learnt from previous experiences. Fridur keeps record of conflict trends and dynamics in your establishment within a given period of time for easy detection and arrest of possible recurrence.

Conflict Transformation

Shifting the attention of public or conflicting parties from the primary issue or actor(s) for a short while dowses tension and grants conflict managers access uninterrupted focus and resources to re-strategize on more effective management techniques. Fridur will help you dowse to the tension, bide time and offer more case-specific effective conflict management strategies. We will then transform the conflict to a developmental value.

Conflict Mapping

Conflict often feeds on the knotty involvement of conflict merchants whose interest serves as fuel. Fridur will help you to identify the shadow parties and spoilers within the conflict and unveil the relationship between them and the primary and secondary parties to the conflict. We will then explore effective strategies and tools to practically unknot their connections so as to effectively manage the conflict.

Conflict Tracking

Conflict is progressive and so is its management. Sound understanding of its evolutionary stages will inform the application of adequate and appropriate management techniques and tools. Fridur will track the timeline and progress of the conflict and develop the most effective, case-specific and organic approaches to managing it and making the best out of it.

Political Communication

De-communication, miscommunication misinformation and disinformation are some of the major triggers of conflict. Fostering communication breakdown, they are most times more potent triggers than issues in the conflict themselves. Fridur will deploy the most appropriate channel and language to help you communicate with your audience, while advising on the right time, steps and approaches by which to effectively communicate so as to inhibit all forms of hostile communication, misunderstanding, analogous feedbacks and communication breakdown.

Strategic Security Management

As security strategies evolve, and they rapidly do, stale strategies become redundant and ineffective. Fridur will monitor the evolution of security strategies and keep your organization and security outfit abreast of the current trends based on international best practices. We will also train your agents on trending, case-specific security strategies, research, analytics, mapping and prognostications for effective delivery.

Impact Assessment

The present and future consequences that activities related to the policies, urbanization, economy, society and environment have on individuals, organizations, businesses and communities are undeniable. Such consequences can culminate in conflict. Fridur will access these consequences, offer useful prognostications and proffer actionable measures for mitigating or abating them.

Monitoring and Evaluation

For the avoidance of conflict reescalation, it is important to monitor and evaluate the overall performance of developmental projects and results of conflict intervention. Fridur will offer strategic assistance in the gathering, storage, analysis and dissemination of datasets and transform same into technical information for improved output.

Public Opinion Analysis and Management

Communication breakdown and violent uprisings are inevitable where public opinion is ignored. Organizational output is immeasurable without vox populi. Fridur will render technical assistance in observing, gathering, storing, analyzing, testing and retesting public opinion about your establishment with a view to advising on organizational reforms of popular acceptance.

Programme and Project Management

Adequately managed programmes and projects are devoid of structural and organizational conflicts. Fridur will engage case-specific expert technicalities and richly researched knowledge, tools, methodologies and skills to realize the idiosyncratic projects and programmes of your establishment in good time.

Security Risk Analysis

Conflict and crisis risks are avoided when information is updated and projection feasible. Fridur is equipped to assist you in analyzing socio-political, travel and security risks in all sectors so as to enhance initiatives, policy reforms and democratization as well as reduce reputational and resource depletion. We will also furnish you with information and offer consultancy services which will meet your security needs in terms of likely threats, so as to enable you reach informed decisions.

Post-conflict Reconstruction

Where a society or an organization is not properly reconstructed and restructured in the wake of conflict, consequential relapse becomes inevitable. Fridur will assist you in consolidating peace through extensively conducted pragmatic research and come up with actionable ways by which security, peace and socio-economic development can be achieved and sustained. We will also assist with implementation of the research outputs.

Early Warning and Disaster Management:

Societies, communities and organizations that prioritize early warning and disaster management save themselves damaging embarrassments and the expenses associated with crisis. Based on wide-ranging research, Fridur will proffer advice and implementation on precautionary measures and advanced action against hazards associated with latent conflicts in your establishment.

Security and Organizational Reforms

These form the lifeline of all establishments. Fridur will advise on acceptable and viable processes by-which amendment is made to security and organizational reforms. We will assist in implementing our actionable recommendations towards the entrenchment of efficient governance for the promotion of value systems, accountability, peace and ultimately development.

Peace Education

Peace feeds on information and communication. By educating your audience, Fridur will offer expertise in solidifying and upholding peace initiatives in order for social cohesion to develop and for justice and security to be appreciated.

Management and staff Training

In-service training on peace sustainability, emotional intelligence and conflict sensitivity and conflict management help to improve the productivity of Management and staff or organizations. Fridur will advise on and organize series of state-of-the-art training for your Management and staff for improved service delivery, while providing pre and post-training evaluations for the purpose of conflict monitoring peace sustainability.